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  • Jorge Zaccaro

    Jorge Zaccaro

    software engineer. webwallet.org developer.

  • Arcelio Carrasco

    Arcelio Carrasco

    I’m a entrepreneur. Loved innovation and the great ideas.

  • Jason Oviedo

    Jason Oviedo

    I tweet mostly about technology.

  • Cristiantorrex


    Tomo una nueva perspectiva global en busca de la innovación sostenible en temas ambientales, tecnológicos y sociales. #Marketing #MercadeoDigital

  • Juan David

    Juan David

    Start-up lover. Programming, Big Data, Data Mining. Product & Co-Founder @AudiomyPodcasts - Audiomy.com

  • Jonathan Puerta

    Jonathan Puerta

    Strategy & innovation professional | Social leader | Co-founder TASKME | @OneYoungWorld ambassador

  • Juan José Moreno Espinel

    Juan José Moreno Espinel

  • Diego Peñuela

    Diego Peñuela

    CTO/CPO BackStartup | 500Startups (B06) | Product Manager | B2B Business Development

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